Cool Bug Facts

Bugs are so cool and yet we know so little about them. Here are just a handful of cool things we do know about bugs. Check back with us often. We will continuously add new and fascinating bug facts for you.

* The weight of all Americans is less than one fiftieth of the insects, earthworms, and spiders in the United States.

*Insects date back to over 300 million years!

* Based on various sampling, the total number of insect species is between 15 and 30 million.

* Some female cockroaches are devoted mothers, carrying their offspring in little pouches like kangaroos. One species even nourishes her young in the uterus with a milk rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

* Out of the 4000 known species of cockroach only 20 types are classified as pests.

* Mother Dung Beetles tenderly care for their young by cleaning away toxic molds and fungi off the dung balls where her larva lives and feasts.

* A cockroach’s head will live and respond for at least 12 hours after the animal has been decapitated.

* The exoskeleton of a scorpion, made of chitin, reflects back ultraviolet rays and will glow pink or green under the moonlight or a black light. Fossilized scorpions still glow under ultraviolet after 300 million years.

* Spanish Flies are not flies and do not make good aphrodisiacs. They are beetles and the only thing they produce is a toxic chemical called cantharidin that is recommended for little more than the treatment of warts.

* Scorpions can live for more than a year without eating.

*All insects are bugs but not all bugs are insects. An Insect has three body parts; a head, thorax, and abdomen. Insects have six legs and two antennae. Spiders and Scorpions have eight legs and are not considered insects. Got it?

*Mites and Ticks are Arachnids (they have eight legs) and are related to the Spider and Scorpion.

*Scientists believe the Mayfly is the most primitive present-day insect around. These insects are the most popular models for artificial flies.

*Dragonflies keep their wings spread out when at rest. Most Damselflies hold their wings together above their backs when they rest. They both eat mosquitoes are good to have around!

*You will never get bit by a male mosquito. Only the females bite!

*Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breath out from our mouths.

*Mosquitoes must dilute the blood of their victim with their saliva before they can drink it. It is the saliva that causes the bite to itch

*Caterpillars aren’t the only ones to spin cocoons. Flea larvae pupate in a silken cocoon on the ground before turning into a real pest!

*Some female Giant Water bugs will “glue” over one hundred eggs to the back of the male. He carries the eggs around for a week or so until they hatch. What a Dad!

*Beetles make up the largest order of living things with about 290,000 species known worldwide. Approximately 27,000 can be found in North America.

*Lightningbugs or Fireflies are not true bugs or flies. They are actually beetles.

*Scientists recently discovered that insects such as cockroaches and honeybees make collective decisions and use voting and quorums to help decide where to make their next home.

*Beetles are one of the most popular pets in Japan and can be bought in many department stores!


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